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Here for you every step of the way

There is nothing like the coziness of home. Remshad Safe Care Services seek to provide personalized care plans that can offer support to family members and help keep those strong family bonds intact.

Resident Care

In addition to providing meals, our staff offers personal care assistance with activities like grooming and toileting.

Hospice Care

From assistance with pain management to housekeeping, our hospice caregivers will give professional care and advise.

Caring Staff

Our team has been well trained, and aside from professionalism, our staff provides the utmost care to our patients.

Welcome To Remshad Safe Care Services

Professional Care You Can Trust

We pride ourselves on offering client-centered care that enables residents to enjoy productive days, making us the antithesis of large-scale institutions with an institutional vibe.

Skilled Nurses

We have qualified nurses to attend to patients' needs

Senior Citizen Care

Our kind caretakers are warm and friendly

Residential Care

We also offer non-institutional home-based services to seniors

24/7 Working Time

We have a team on stand-by who'll be ready to serve you any time of the day

Our Service

You ask, we listen. Remshad Safe Care Services aim to provide clients with personalized care and individual living service plans.

Assisted Living

This is made to offer senior citizens who require help with daily chores including laundry, cooking, cleaning, and medication management long-term housing.

Personal Care

Personal Care

Assistance with washing, grooming and clothing improves independence, keeps key routines in place and helps persons age in place with dignity

Continuing Care

Continual, ongoing services, such as hospice care and respite care for the caregivers, are included in continuing care services.

Errand Service

The care staff at Remshad Safe Care wants seniors to feel comfortable running errands. We support those who are elderly, ill, or disabled so they can live more carefree, enjoyable lives.

Home Care

At-home care can prevent protracted hospitalizations in nursing homes or rehab facilities. We offer several different home care services.

Medication Reminder

For elders to maintain their health, our carers provide medication reminder services. The right medication schedule helps to reduce family members' stress.

Light Housekeeping

Due to their incapacity to reach high areas or their difficulty moving for extended periods of time, older folks may find it challenging to clean their homes.


Safe transportation services keep the rhythm of regular life in place with rides to the hair salon, grocery store, religious sessions and other events


You or a loved one can maintain a high level of independence with the help of our caregivers, who deliver routine assistance in a knowledgeable and effective manner.

Meal Preparation

Nutritious meals and a tidy place make for a comfortable home life

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What Clients Say About Us

Joey Griffiths CEO, A Startup

In addition to helping my family with my mother's care, I had a lot to deal with in terms of locating my father's care. They truly took the time to discuss with me and were really helpful. I value their expertise and desire to be of assistance to me.

Florrie Braun Co-Founder HCM

As I looked for a location for my elderly father who has dementia, Remshad Safe Care was incredibly professional and helpful. They met me there and toured with me after giving me addresses, pricing, and listings for a range of facilities. If the need arises, I won't think twice about getting in touch with them again.

Daniel Thompson Entrepreneur

With the service Remshad Safe Care offered, I was quite pleased. When a loved one experiences a crisis and requires assistance immediately, it can be daunting to know how to handle the situation.